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Ladies, gentlemen, attack helicopters, boys and girls after years of eager anticipation, nail-biting delays, and unyielding dedication, we are thrilled to announce that as of June 2023 the wait is finally over...


Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy is available for pre-order now!


Could this have been a deliberate suppression scheme orchestrated by the puppet masters who (allegedly) control all global events and our very existence? Or was it just we didn't get our Kickstarter attempt funded? 


Either way some years later than planned, now no longer hidden away from the prying eyes of the masses, both this groundbreaking creation and the truth shall be exposed!


Buckle up, fellow gamers, intelligence agencies, ancient blood lines and truth-seekers all, for the unveiling of this delayed product will be a (non-HAARP/DEW triggered) seismic event, a rallying cry for freedom against the clandestine powers that seek to control us all!

Have you ever asked yourself...

Who is generating those numbers?
Who is spraying poisons in our sky?
Who is creating those GMOs?
Who wants to reduce the world's population?
Who wants to bring about one world government and maniupulate humanity for their own personal benefit?

We couldn't have done it without these inspirational examples...

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