Dark Mushroom Games

Why Dark Mushroom Games?

In these troubling times often government/security services will say things like “need to know basis” or the public “can’t handle the truth”, are just sheeple, or mushrooms – and what makes a mushroom happy? They just love to be kept in the dark and fed you know what…
We take the opposite view, we’re all (im)mature, consenting, discerning adults so let us discern.

Our Games

We’re launching games that are irreverent, satirical and yet attuned to the times we live in. What was once dismissed as conspiracy theory is day by day gaining more and more real world traction. Some remain so ludicrous they can’t be true (can they or is that just what they want you to believe?), others leading the slowly awakening masses to start questioning. Our games seek to explore these areas, immerse the players in them for an evening, spitting them out the other side having had many a laugh and maybe just maybe opened their eyes a bit.