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Enhance your Illuminatus game experience with these add-ons...

Extra Attack Dice

Enhance your attack rolls with an Illuminatus Extra Dice Set add-on! Players perform attacks in Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy boardgame by rolling attack dice based on the strength of deniable asset and weapons cards stacked together in amusing conspiratorial combinations. The Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy base game box does include 8 custom attack dice but is that enough for your cunning plans? Rather than re-roll dice multiple times wouldn't you rather make a single epic attack roll with a fist full of dice? Do you want the greenies, nuns and terrorists nuking a target in one big roll? Epic!

Plastic Pwnage

Enhance your gameplay with the Illuminatus Plastic Pwnage Add-On set of plastic flags and pyramids! Players perform False Flag attacks to weaken and eventually destabilise governments to take over a region, which in the base game are represented by included cardboard tokens.

Fools Gold

Upgrade your Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy's base game's cardboard punch tokens with 100 plastic gold bullion bars instead! Each replica gold bar is stamped with the IMF logo (aka the Illuminatus Monetary Fund - no relation), a purity seal and hidden below the Dark Mushroom Games logo.

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