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Are you an illuminatus?No we’re Australian but thanks for asking.

Do you believe in: *** insert random conspiracy theory here *** ?Of course we do, doesn’t everyone?

I really want to give illuminatus to all my family and friends as Christmas presents this year will you be out by then?Great news the gift of conspiracy just keeps on giving! Yes as at June 2023 we're currently in pre-production with our new manufacturer so making some final adjustments to the game and content, then printing around Aug/Sept, shipping Oct/Nov out global fulfilment centres.
So yes you can give the gift of Illuminatus for Christmas 2023!

Do you work for the NSA/CIA/Mossad/other government agency/ or do you have ties to any games publishers out there?No we work for Dark Mushroom Games an independent games publisher based in Sydney, Australia.

Ok so you're Australian - do you work for ASIO/ASIS/DSD or (insert any other Australian goverment agency)?No see previous answer plus it gets rather cold in winter down there in Canberra.

Is the in-game IMF bank meant to represent the real world IMF?Of course not. The Illuminatus Monetary Fund (IMF) has no relationship to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - you are just being paranoid!

I am a member of the intelligence services and would like to get in touch to discuss your sources. When is a good time?Thanks for reaching out. We can’t come to the phone right now. Ps All of our sources come from publicly available websites, books, magazines and the news.

We represent (insert any goverment agency or illuminatus faction here) and would like to use this game to train psyops to our new recruits. Is that ok?You sneaky bastards do you have no shame?! Sheesh it’s just a game.... or is it?

OMG the game we played last night sounded just like something that came on tonight’s news - how did you know?Purely coincidence - we know nothing! Nothing!

My husband/girlfriend/mate attacked me in the game and their False Flag sounded just like something that happened in real life - how did you know?It is purely coincidence.

This game is terrible, highly inappropriate, offensive - I hate it - where do I send my complaints?##REDACTED##

This game is terrible, highly inappropriate, offensive - I love it - will there be expansions?Yes there will be! Keep checking our websites and social media for news... who knows we may even let leak a few...

Why not a round game board? That flat one with outer space around looks weird?Well the earth is flat as you well know and surrounded by what? Maybe we are planning to take Illuminatus into orbit at some stage?

This game is educational. Can I use it in my school, university, home economics class?Yes - see our rules disclaimer but while the game's purpose is primarily entertainment if you want to use it for educational purposes or to awaken a friend or family member we won't hold it against you!

Heh why don't you instantly answer my question/message/comment/telepathic insult?We're not being rude we might just be a) temporarily tied up or b) it could be that you've reached out to us at a challenging time zone that doesn't convert that well for us Aussies down under here in Sydney. We'll get back to you as soon as we can promise! ps Do you realise the effort it takes for us to respond from the future way way back across all those datelines and time zones to you lot in the past? Time travel for us is no easy thing...Mind blown? *drops mic*

Haven't we seen you somewhere before?Well spotted! Yes, we did attempt launching on Kickstarter a few years back. Unfortunately, we didn’t hit our funding goal and with Kickstarter's all or nothing model we got nothing. As a small indy publisher it has taken us a few years to get into the position to be able to self publish so finally here we are!!

Will there be other language versions of the game?At this stage, we only have an English-language version of Illuminatus due to the massive amount of game content across literally hundreds of cards. Dark Mushroom Games is a small, independent gaming company and trying to provide additional translations at this stage is not realistic. However, we would love to spread the truth to non-English speaking gamers out there and will keep you posted if this changes. We think there is a market for R'lyehian, Wookiee or Klingon versions of the game and maybe even a few human languages too.

What happened with the Illuminatus Kickstarter?The illuminatus Kickstarter... all or nothing funding model so we got nothing but incurred a large mount of costs not only in creating the product but in running and promoting the campaign. It has taken us longer than we wanted but we are finally going to get Illuminatus into your hands!

What has changed about the game since the Kickstarter campaign?We haven’t made any major changes to the game since the Kickstarter, but we have continued to update the game in the intervening period. Mostly, the updates involve cosmetic tweaks here and there, more balancing and additional cards. A game designer’s job is never really finished — especially since we have so much material to work with given recent world events.

This website looks familiar?Sure we try and keep the Dark Mushroom Games styling and vibe alive here as well!

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