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Illuminatus Booster Packs

New conspiratorial cards for crazy coincidences and attacks.

Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy Failure to Launch cards Booster

Illuminatus Failure to Launch Booster

Illuminatus Locked Down Booster Research, Black Bag and Event Cards

Illuminatus Locked Down Booster

The Illuminatus Locked Down Booster contains 30 new cards for you to plan your next pandemic with. Can you do better than the last global lockdown?
Plan and deploy your own pandemic with a brand new Plandemic Agenda set coupled with restricting and lockdown of the world’s population using your own mix of Illuminatus Events, Research, and Black Bag deniable assets. An unprecedented global response is required to help spread the virus and you are just the illuminatus to carry it off. Public health, social isolation, and widespread economic disruption all at your disposal just make sure to lockdown and distract the masses while you implement it all.

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