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The Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy base game alone is a weighty 2.3kg and The Triggering another 1kg - yes truth seekers that's right, conspiracy facts weigh heavy on both the mind and the postage!

The good news is we're working hard on our shipping and logistics to ensure we can deliver Illuminatus to you in the quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective manner once it has been manufactured. Although we are based in Australia, manufacturing is handled in China from there we'll ship to regional distribution points and into your hands our amazing supporters.

We will be bringing more locations online in the coming weeks and will seek to refine our rest of the world shipping fees and category. 

24 June 23 update: We are aware of some shipping locations not showing as currently available in the shop on checkout and are working to resolve this and will advise once sorted out - thanks for your patience.

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