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Illuminatus Failure To Launch Booster

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Semi co-operative (for a while)

Do what thou will is the way of the illuminatus. Work with other players whilst it suits you, but don’t let them get too far ahead. Play cards out of turn to “help” or hinder your fellow players. “About that attack of yours unfortunately it has had an unfortunate side effect…”

Conspiracy steeped secret agendas

Safe within the walls of your secret hideout, pull strings to manipulate world events. Things don’t just happen you as an illuminatus makes them happen. Push your own hidden agendas, achieve all you can and amass piles of gold before the other players or the end of the world gets there first!

Highly thematic gameplay

Played over a world map first agree the end of the world theme for each game – what will yours be? Perform False Flag attacks and assassinations to destabilise regions and governments around the world. Influence world events, research new technologies to get an edge on your fellow players, declare a “War on..” something and reap the profits. You are the conspiracy! (for a night anyways)

For the technical gamers amongst we’ve included graphics with a breakdown of various mechanics in play under the hood.

For those that don’t care and just want to have a good time playing the game/ruling the world, well we’ve got you covered too so feel free to skip over those. We’ve put a little bit of effort into making your illuminatus experience a fun and engaging one that you can keep coming back to again and again…

Every attack costs you

Play cards and roll dice to execute your attacks. Be careful as every attack has a cost, become too (in)famous and exposed and you lose the game. Stay in the shadows and deflect blame on other players wherever possible. Too many overt attacks can fast track the end of the world and then everyone loses (the game)!

Who will you play tonight?

Play as one of the classic conspiracy factions – Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Agra, The Big O (Odessa), Greenies and more. Choose wisely (or randomly!). Each faction has varied statistics and their own special abilities that you can use to implement your plans and ultimately decide the fate of the world…

Conspiracy Theory or Fact? You decide!

Chemtrails? GMOs? Fluridation? Weather control? Currency manipulation? Suppressed technology? Deadly viruses? Hired assassins? Government agencies? Corrupt politicians? Shoddy journalism? Collateral damage?

Gameplay reveals conspiracy with each roll of the dice and card that is played as you edge ever closer to the doomsday scenario and end of the world.

Is it just a coincidence that the attack your fellow player made last turn was remarkably similar to one on the news the other night? Maybe not?

You’re probably just reading too much into it right? Right? Right? Shhhh! What was that sound?

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* Note we are unable to refund digital gift cards that have some/all balance spent but good news they never expire so you will be able to spend the balance when you are ready.

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Our Conspiracy Bob bobblehead is a captivating collectible, limited-edition bobblehead that has been meticulously crafted to showcase the some of the most iconic symbols of conspiracy lore, making it a must-have for enthusiasts, deep staters and curious minds alike. Immerse yourself in the allure of conspiracy theories and be the envy of your friends with this extraordinary conversation starter. Uncover the truth, mount it on your car dashboard and let the bobblehead nod in agreement with every twist and turn.

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Manufacturing Update June 2023:

Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy boardgame, expansions, add-ons and boosters are currently in early sampling and pre-production with our manufacturer. We expect to have game stock ready to ship in approx Nov 2023 and will keep you updated on progress.  

Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy boardgame, expansions, add-ons and boosters are currently in early sampling and pre-production with our manufacturer. We expect to have game stock ready to ship in approx Nov 2023 and will keep you updated.

The heavy burden of Conspiracy

Knowing what we all know weighs heavy on the mind and spirit – humanity wake up already! Not only that but it also weighs heavy on some of our games and components. Illuminatus base game is chock full of conspiratorial goodness and approximately weighs in just over 2kg! The Triggering our first main booster box contains 1kg worth of additional conspiratorial combinations for your gaming pleasure.

State of World & Shipping Optimisation  

We’re always working to optimise our freight, shipping, distribution and fulfilment around the world. Manufacturing in China. we will then ship the game to key regional distribution points to get it into your hands as fast and cost effectively as we can. With global supply chain impacts from the recent p[l]andemic global shipping is still backed up and expensive so we’re navigating this as best we can. We’re dependent on these shipping and freight channels so some may be currently closed. If your country doesn’t appear in shipping or you get an error when you put your address in the checkout please contact us and we will try and come up with some alternatives.

Q. Are you an illuminatus?

No we’re Australian but thanks for asking.

Q. Do you work for the NSA or CIA or Mossad or (insert any other government agency)?

No we work for Dark Mushroom Games an independent games publisher based in Australia.

Q. Ok so you are Australian do you work for ASIO or ASIS or DSD or (insert any other Australian government agency)?

No see previous answer plus Canberra gets a bit too cold in Winter for us to move there.

Q. Do you believe in [REDACTED] random [REDACTED] conspiracy [REDACTED] theory [REDACTED] ?

Of course we do, doesn’t everyone?

Q. I have a great idea for a conspiracy, card, component, expansion for the game. How do I share it with you?

We probably already have it in the works but send it through. We’d love to hear about it and who knows maybe we’ll incorporate it in a future expansion…

Q. Is the in-game IMF bank meant to represent the real world IMF?

Of course not. The Illuminatus Monetary Fund (IMF) has no relationship to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – you are just being paranoid!

Q. I am a member of the intelligence services and would like to get in touch to discuss your sources. When is a good time?

Thanks for reaching out. We can’t come to the phone right now. Ps All of our sources come from publicly available websites, books, magazines and the news.

Q. We represent (insert any government agency or illuminatus faction here) and would like to use this game to train psyops to our new recruits. Is that ok?

You sneaky bastards do you have no shame sheesh it’s just a game. PS See Disclaimer at the start of the rules booklet..

Q. Holy crap the game we played last night sounded just like something that came on tonight’s news – how did you know?

Purely coincidence – we know nothing!.

Q. Holy crap my husband, girlfriend, mate attacked me in the game and the false flag sounded just like something that happened in real life – how did you know?

It is purely coincidence.

Q. This game is terrible, highly inappropriate, offensive – I hate it – where do I send my complaints?

Please send any complaints to [REDACTED].

Q. This game is terrible, highly inappropriate, offensive – I love it – will there be more expansions?

Yes there will be keep checking our websites and social media for news…

Q. Why not a round game board that flat one with outer space around looks weird?

Well the earth is flat as you well know and surrounded by what? Maybe we are planning to take Illuminatus into orbit?

Q. This game is educational. Can I use it in my school, university, home economics class?

See earlier Qs and the Disclaimer at the start of the Rules booklet.

Q. What happened to the Kickstarter and why has it taken so long to bring to life?

It has been a labour of love to get Illuminatus You Are The Conspiracy together. Extended Trademark process and negotiations, Kickstarter attempts that didn’t fully fund (which means you don’t get anything of what you raised with their model) and other expenses are tough for a small indy games publisher. Da man keeping us down? Hell no we’re still going thanks for your ongoing support and patience 2023 here we go!

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